Looking for Tacos & Tequila in Saigon? Bandido Serves Up Some of the Best Mexican Food in Ho Chi Minh City!

by - January 20, 2020

Would you rather give up guacamole for a year or live in a world where tacos didn’t exist? I wouldn’t answer that on an empty stomach. And although I’m not mentally prepared to make that decision for myself, you can find me where the fish tacos are crispy and the margaritas are frozen. If you’re looking for an exotic food experience or just a taste of home, Bandido is just a motorbike ride away!

If you’ve ever been to Mexico you know the food is undeniably craveable. That’s why Bandido’s team knew they just had to bring back the tasty ceviche from the beaches of Sayulita and the oh-so-good deep-fried churros of Mexico City, to Saigon for us all to enjoy! So, are you ready to get your fiesta on in the middle of Saigon with Bandido?

Bandido’s authentic Mexican food is more than just something to curb your hunger, it’s a parade of snazzy llamas and sassy mamasitas dancing on your tongue as you eat! Not only is their menu inspired by Mexico’s street food, but by the vibrancy of Puerto Vallarta and the colourful culture of San José. We’re talking hand crafted margaritas and savoury antojitos (Mexican small plates) for days! Ceviches, guacs, tacos, the list goes on. Bandido is the place to be to spice up your life with the zesty flavours of traditional Mexico!

Luckily for you, I’m here to make your mouth water a little more with some of my absolute favourite dishes! 


Happy hour is essential to making it through that dreaded daily grind and there’s nothing better than a smooth tangy margarita to lighten those hump day blues. Bandido’s Hibiscus Frozen Margarita is the perfect way to quench your thirst and cool off from that Ho Chi Minh City heat! And if you’re feeling spicy why not give your taste buds a kick with their Spicy Passion Fruit Margarita?!

People have been sipping cocktails for decades because, well, they're timeless. So, why not mix things up and take a dive into this marshmallowly cocktail? My head was in the clouds with Bandido’s El Papito, complete with a splash of vodka, some blue curaçao and a dash of vanilla, all topped off with fluffy marshmallow candies!


We all know, traditional Mexican food has a vibrant history tied to the heart of Mexican culture. While we may be in Vietnam, the best way to embrace Mexican heritage is to EAT, EAT, EAT!

We just had to get our hands on the Guacamole Con Salsa Y Pico De Gallo Con Totopos. I mean who's the last person you met that didn't like guacamole? Exactly. This guacamole with pico de gallo sauce and crispy tortillas was the perfect start to our night!

Next up we sunk our teeth into the Tacos Dorados De Tinga De Pollo. These crispy little chicken tacos drizzled in avocado crema are a dangerously addictive match. Yum!

Ceviches Y Tostadas...

Mexico is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, attracting sun seekers and food lovers alike. If you’re lucky enough to have dipped your toes in Mexican culture then you know some of the best tastes and flavours are found strolling the beaches. There’s nothing better than sitting beach-side on plastic chairs eating some phenomenal ceviche and sipping an ice cold cerveza. Don’t mind me, I’m just having a little visual throw back over here.

Bandido’s Ceviche Mixto, complete with a mix of seafood and crispy tortillas, gave me all the hippy-chic beach town feels of being back in Sayulita. Delicioso!

One of my all time Bandido favourites is their Tostada De Atun. Any other tostada fans out there? If you love tacos, well, you'll love tostadas. The crispy tortilla base, stacked with marinated tuna and avocado is the perfect combination to lust over. Can you say hermosa!

Tacos, Tacos Tacos!

Tacos, the ultimate comfort food? I mean you just couldn’t leave Mexico without having at least one, right? The same can be said for Bandido. Their traditional tortilla is made from corn flour a.k.a. masa and comes stuffed with authentic Mexican fillings of absolute deliciousness. 

Of all the tempting taco options we buckled down and tried the Arrachera Asada Al Carbon char-grilled skirt steak, the Carnitas slow-cooked juicy braised pork and the Pescado Frito crispy batter-fried fish and chipotle mayo. Truth be told, you simply can’t go wrong with all things tacos! I love tacos. You love tacos. We all love tacos!


Just thinking about two thick steaming glasses of Spanish chocolate and chili caramel coupled with hot, crispy churros instantly make your mouth water. If you’re craving this tasty treat in Saigon, as I constantly do, the Churros Con 2 Salsas (Chocolate Y Caramelo Con Chili) are absolutely perfecto! How about that for a sweet treat!

A Fantastic Night at Bandido

Tacos, quesadillas, ceviches, guacamole... if you don't like Mexican food, I’ve got some serious questions for you. No matter what you’re celebrating, Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday or that Friday feeling, Bandido’s cocktails and sharing plates are the perfect combo to transport you from the alleys of Ho Chi Minh City to the colorful streets of Mexico City. There’s a reason I’ve been to Bandido three times already!

Mexican food is a favourite all over the world for its vibrant, authentic and delicious taste. It’s the full package of flavourful spices specifically balanced to give you that unique Mexican flare. So, whether you go for the tangy seafood ceviche, juicy beef tacos or fresh guacamole, Bandido is the perfect spot for that fun taste of Mexico.

What You Need to Know!

Getting There: Down the alley you’ll see the Bandido sign pointing you in the right direction!

Find Them: at www.bandido.vn or on Facebook and Instagram @BandidoSaigon

If you have any questions you can also find me on Instagram at @AlyshiaTurchyn! Don’t be afraid to reach out, there's nothing more I'd love than to help you plan your next Bandido experience!

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