Eating At Sea: Four Days of Mediterranean Boat Food in Photos

by - July 25, 2018

Anyone who knows me, knows I have no problem devouring what's in front of me. Be that, chicken feet from Vietnam, tuna eyeballs from Japan, hákarl from Iceland or fried scorpions from Cambodia. 
That being said, I wasn't too worried about eating PB&J sandwiches for the next four days while on board. But bouy was I wrong. See what I did there. 

Unbeknownst to me, I would be eating like an absolute queen on board with IN Adventures. Avo-toast every morning, creamy guacamole with homemade chips every afternoon, indulgent paella at every turn. Watermelon infused gazpacho,  toasted almond topped smoothie bowls, The list goes on...
It's crazy now to think that someone would need a Master Chef size kitchen to deliver a gourmet meal, but the reality is, that it's even more impressive when you can pump out an endless supply of deliciousness with only a few square meters!  The true master chefs are: @cakebyytheocean  and @umamimallorca who did not disappoint. They not only fed me, but fed my Instagram feed for days! 

I don't think I've ever eaten better. Maybe even, in my entire 27 years of constant consumption. So why I thought boat food would be blah is a mystery to me! Maybe I've been watching too much Pirates of the Caribbean.

One of my absolute favourite meals was our fist dinner together where we bonded over several glasses of wine from the onboard sommelier. As the native Mallorcan wine kept flowing, so were the dishes. To start, a quinoa and avocado tabbouleh. Next, monkfish with prawn cold cream accompanied by perfectly crisp vegetables and to close out our meal a delectable pistachio cheese quiche. 

Clearly there was no shortage of deliciousness, and well, we all know photos speak louder than words so instead of listening to me ramble on about how much drool my glands were in production of, here is a glimpse into eating on board! Not so bad eh!

Have you ever had breakfast in bed? Best feeling right? Wrong again. Have you ever had breakfast delivered to your private beach via inflatable dingy after a refreshing morning yoga sesh? Sorry mom, but this definitely trumps your sad pancakes and maple syrup that you forced dad to bring me last year.

I'm sure the photos don't even do it justice, but if you're interested in learning more about my adventure with IN Adventures you can read all about it here!

If this tickles your nautical fancy you can book your spot here for 72 hours with no commitments using this code: 'ALYSHIATURCHYN' for 5% off!

If you have any questions you can also find me on Instagram at @AlyshiaTurchyn! Definitely reach out, there's nothing more I'd love than to help you plan your next trip in Mallorca!

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