Rad Resorts: Memories Holguin Beach Resort

by - November 29, 2017

This seems to be an ongoing trend. I mean my mom went to Cuba 6 times in 2017. Ridiculous. I know, but that woman will do anything for a slice of paradise. Don't get me started on my ongoing battle to  convince her into a timeshare.
Moving on. This time we headed to the Memories Holguin Beach Resort, 4 star all-inclusive. Bare in mind that we went in the middle of July meaning there was next to no one there, which probably made it that much more enjoyable!

The Beach...

Perfect. Crystal clear blue water all sand and no rocks. The beach bar is right on the beach so you can get your hair of the dog as you pass by in the morning. There are also tons of umbrellas so you don't toast your hiney. Regular guests get plastics loungers and premium guests get those nice blue comfy loungers (only downfall). There's also catamarans, games and foam parties!

The Pools...

The best part of this resort are the pools. If you like pools, well, your about to be in cascading pool paradise. There are 5 pools in total with lots of seating around each one, giving you a different aquatic option for every day of the week. And don't worry there is a swim up bar.

The Resort...

One of the best hotel layouts I've seen in Cuba. The resort itself is built on the mountain surrounding the bay so you can just imagine the views from the lobby and buffet. The palm trees and greenery are well kept and really make the grounds gorgeous. Although gorgeous, it does have about 76 stairs to go from the beach level to the main buffet. A little workout that will help you burn an extra cake at the buffet, but may not be recommended to people with health problems (although you can call the front desk to send a golf cart to pick you up and bring you up to the top).
Rooms: Bright, spacious, clean with large balconies. Bathrooms a bit dated, but very clean.

The Food...

Average. The buffet was good on some nights and not so much on others (little variety but that being said I never went hungry). The snack bar was our lunch go-to for made to order pizzas, hotdogs, hamburgers and club sandwiches. As for the A La Cartes both the Romantic and Cuban restaurant served up pretty good food and we ended up booking either of those most nights.

The Nightlife...

Unfortunately, for us the disco was closed due to technical issues that they were resolving. Fortunately, the resort being huge has a great lobby and outside terrace area to drink up the night!

Any questions let me know! I'm always happy to answer and help out!

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