The Beaches of Cuba's Cayo Coco

by - March 12, 2017

Cayo Coco is the perfect spot for a morning walk along the shore and if you’re lucky, you may run into a flamingo in the lagoon, a little crab scampering over the rocky tide or a straggler heading back to their resort after a wild night at the disco... 

The island is known for its coral reefs and many all-inclusive resorts that dot the long beaches. There is no shortage of natural scenic beauty as no one lives directly on the island (most people live in Moron on the mainland). Cayo Coco has also been known to have a mass influx of Canadian migrants flocking to its beaches, bubbas in hand, dfrom December through to April. Including the Turchyns. 

Can you blame them? Cuba is the idyllic beach escape mixed with rum, revolutionaries and retro cars. It has that back-in-time appeal while still being romantic and exciting. I guess that's why we're constantly planning our next trip.

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