Olá Portugal! Sintra's Hikable Hillside & the Palace of Pena

by - February 08, 2017

All I can say, is that no one told me it was necessarily a BAD idea to go hiking in flip flops and skinny jeans. So I went. In skinny jeans and the flip flops. All 3 miles of the daunting incline through that damp forbidden forest. And then another mile to the entrance of the National Palace of Pena. And then some more hiking to the Castle of Moors. Jeggings over skinny jeans when hiking ya'll.

The National Palace of Pena takes your breath away (and not just from the hike through Sintra's hills). It's a sight worth every penny (so buy the whole ticket) and one you definitely do not want to miss. It's the epitome of a story book castle and is only matched by its lush interior. It does get pretty busy with tourists seeking their Rapunzel moment, but if you head up on a Monday or Tuesday as early as possible then you'll be sure to avoid the common over crowding there.

Side Note: Outside the castle is the Pena Park, where the king (when he was mustering up his palace plans, like kings do) ordered trees and shrubbery from around the world, giving the grounds a seriously whimsical feel. I mean the Queen got her own fern garden. Who has a fern garden? That can't be a thing. 

I couldn't think of a better way to spend our last day in Portugal! Trotting up the Sintra mountain to a creamsicle coloured palace was one of the my best memories I have looking back at our trip. 

This isn't goodbye Portugal, it's see you soon. 

Because I will be back for the man handing out beach donuts.

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