Olá Portugal! Nazare the Best of Beach Towns

by - January 14, 2017

Welcome to Nazare (and we had quite the warm welcome)! After parking the car at the top of the cliff we spent our first hour in Nazare talking to the sweetest little Portugese grandma. Who, eventually invited us to stay with her (but we know our wine-selves and left grandma to her peaceful state). We did get her number for future reference. So maybe in 40 years, when we've settled down, we'll revisit the situation. Or maybe not.

We took the cable car, along with our umbrella and sun hats, down to the most picturesque coastal resort town I've yet to see topped. Narrow, cobbled lanes run down a wide, cliff-backed beach where the sands are packed wall-to-wall with multicoloured umbrellas, people and parties. Nazare has very similar vibes to Ibiza, minus Steve Aoki and Paris Hilton. 

Although there is a lack of photos here, there wasn't a lack of things to do and see. And to be honest I was enjoying myself (and the donuts) so much that I forgot to take photos. 

Later we had dinner at a traditional place called Restaurante Ribamar which overlooks the beach at sunset and which serves up some A+ food. Not to mention the dessert which made me tear up. I mean I'd buy a round trip to Nazare just to taste that Serradura again (it was THAT good). Then it was over to the casino where we got tickets to watch some Fado. I'm in Portugal, so naturally I'm going to go and see some Fado. Key word here is 'see', because when they pulled me up to 'dance' my hand-eye coordination was a couple drinks too deep and the 8 year olds were pointing and laughing. Sorry kids.

These were the kids, although looking at this photo again they look about 6. Bullied by six year olds...

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