Olá Portugal! Evora`s Capela dos Ossos Cue Bad to the Bone

by - November 10, 2016

We've officially stumbled inside the 14th-century walls of Évora and not because our heels were getting caught in the cobblestone... 

Evora was the stop I was most excited for when pinning photos to my "Portugese Lova" Pinterest board. And not because of the gorgeous narrow, winding lanes that lead to striking architectural work, but because of its famous Chapel of Bones. The Capela dos Ossos (that's Portugese for Chapel of Bones) was the first stop on the docket and we're glad we crept in early because it's pretty small and tends to fill up with tourists. 

It's some pretty gruesome stuff with the remains of more than 5,000 of Évora’s past inhabitants are cemented to the walls of this large, eerie sixteenth-century tomb. This is something you do not want to miss.

As part of the Chapel you also pay the entrance fee to the museum and some pretty sweet rooftop views.

After a bone-chilling morning we thought it was best to catch a beer in the centre square and soak in all the sun. And repeat.

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