Olá Portugal! Obidos Where You Drink Sangria 45ft Off the Ground

by - November 20, 2016

New found hobbies include: Sitting castle top whilst leisurely sipping sangria.

It was well deserved, considering we walked the entire perimeter of Obidos. Yeah, that place with 45ft high walls ... with no walls. After climbing the stairs up, I should not have looked down, as that's what made the sangria necessary. Without it, I would of clung to the dad in the Hawaiian shirt in front of me. Heights. Yeah not my strong point. The moral of the story: sangria allows you to enjoy the wonderful views over the terracotta tiled roofs and white painted houses when in Obidos.

We eventually celebrated making it around the entire wall without crying, by throwing back shots of Ginjinha in chocolate shot glasses in the town square.

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