Olá Portugal! Lagos`s Beers, Beaches & Bars

by - October 17, 2016

After navigating our way through the winding and very narrow streets of Lisbon we finally made it to...the highway. We thought the upgrade from a two-door Volkswagon Up, to the leather infused aroma of a gorgeously spacious BMW was going to turn out in our favour. Well, it turned out that we weren't making any turns down cobble stone streets. This is what happens when your car has infinite amounts of room for junk in the trunk. But we made it! We're alive! And we haven't had to use our insurance yet!

The touristy town of Lagos was calling and we gunned it (it's not everyday you get a BMW handed to you, okay). With every activity under the sun, plus a pumping nightlife, Lagos was more fun than people had promised. Bar hops every night, a different beach everyday and cold afternoon beers at The Garden what's not to enjoy?

The views from our room at The Blue Moon Hostel, were out of this world. Right on the main strip we got a glimpse of everything, from the accordion player serenading dinner goers to the 5:00am Portugese street brawl. This is the place to be! 

The Garden is like a huge book of eye spy, but irl.

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