Olá Portugal! Cascais for Some Day Trippin

by - September 16, 2016

Lisbon you were more than wonderful, but its onwards and beachwards! 

"Go to Cascais. You two won't regret it. You must go!" was the backdrop to our conversations had in Lisbon. So we threw a swimsuit in our bag and off we went! And while these folks were right about this seaside beauty, I do regret being a total cheapa** and passing on the 8 euro umbrella to buy sangria. Buy the 8 euro umbrella people. And the sangria. But always buy the sangria. 

Cascais is a much loved summertime beach town that invites Lisbonetas and travellers from all over to frolic in the frigid waves of the Atlantic. You won't get too much sand to yourself, but remember you're in Portugal and they love sardines. So do as the sardines do, right?  

Would I recommend Cascais? Yes. Definitely if you're looking to kick it at the beach for the day. And although we showed up whiter than a Cottonelle commercial, we left as burnt as my mom's Sunday dinners and we all know that burns turn into tans. Kidding, use sunscreen.

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