Hello Britain! Downtown London & Meandering Through Hyde Park

by - March 01, 2015

Bob's your uncle! And if someone could give me an accurate definition as to who this Bob character is and why I want him to be my uncle, I would be eternally grateful. Today we were able to conquer the How to be a Britt 101 handbook and in record time if I do say so myself.  Now the book doesn't exist per se (perhaps somewhere out there it does) but I've scavenged pieces from my day which I believe allow me to qualify for dual citizenship. So here are some steps to help you become a Britt too!

Step 1: Walk aimlessly through Hyde Park
Step 2: Watch a child wee in the Princess Diana Memorial playground
Step 3: Cry because Prince Harry has his eye on Emma Watson 
Step 4: Get legless on pimms in Hyde Park
Step 5: Cram into a phone booth for instagram 
Step 6: You'd be off your trolly if you didn't get mushy peas with your fish and chips 
Step 7: Cross the Millennium Bridge at your discretion, remember, death eaters
Step 8: Watch the sunset over Big Ben from the top of the London Eye
Step 9: Definitely buy the London Eye photo souvenir and keychain
Step 10: Find out who John Thomas is 

Aimless walking landed us in the middle of the Princess Diana Memorial! A water landscape made for the likes of kids 6 and under to run around and wee in on hot summer days like today. Of coarse we had to see for ourselves what all the fun was about. The running around part, not the weeing part.

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