Hello Britain! Derby for Beer Festivals & High Teas

by - February 02, 2015

Our flower child weekend came to a close, but just in time for Derby's annual CAMRA Beer Festival. Endless kegs lined the indoor tent and the man waddling around in overalls was more than eager to inform us that over 33 000 pints had already been consumed. Clearly we were behind on our game.

Such a quaint little town, in a way, returning to Derby in between our adventures allowed it to gain a sense of home. And before we jettisoned off to Ibiza we made time for high tea at the Cathedral Quarter Hotel, where the Queen had made her royal visit back in 2010 for tea. But I was most excited for the English cream-smothered crumpets. 

High tea was quite the experience. Carefully crafted smoked salmon sandwiches (sans crust) and delicately layered carrot cake slices were enough for my mouth to swell up in delight. How can anyone possibly go to afternoon tea and eat like a lady? Soon after our dapper server (penguin suit and all) brought out the English cream and jam and that's when I could no longer hold my self back.

I came to England for one purpose and one purpose only, and that was English cream and crumpets. Back in the good old days of highschool, in Home Ec with the gorgeous ginger teacher himself Mr. Mackenzie, we each had to bring in a dish of our "native" homeland. Thus the British girl, 6th generation British girl brought none other than English cream and crumpets. It was heaven at long last.

Who would have thought, one day we'd be cheersing to Derby's beer festival and the next raising our pinkies and enjoying the smell of our afternoon tea?

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