Hello Britain! Backyard Mansion Hangouts in Derbyshire

by - February 23, 2015

Today we straight chilled in the backyard of the Curzon family's Palladian mansion. The Curzon family have owned the estate at Kedleston since 1297 and if you press your face up against the window you can see the vintage wallpaper for yourself. Although Kedleston may seem like a short drive from Derby, for me it was more of a teeth-clenched-eyes-shut ride as our driver (not naming names) has only driven on the right-hand side of the road, oh about once. But I guess "what gives value to travel is fear" ... but I may be using that quote in the wrong context. Regardless mansion hangouts are always a good call.

Cool fact: Kiera Knightly filmed The Duchess here.

These are my favourite photos it's like playing Where's Waldo or in this case Where's Alyshia and Emily?

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