Crete Calls for Romantic Dinners on the Beach

by - January 19, 2015

Our romantic getaway to Greece wouldn't be complete without a four course meal whilst the sun disappeared beyond the Mediterranean horizon. By this point we were trying to figure out who would propose to who (I shottied Emily). This evening definitely took the cake as to the best date I've ever been on (although taking the reins of a two-seater airplane and then sitting back, sipping cocktails, watching planes land and take off was a close second).

Greek food needs to be considered an additional food group in Canada's Food Guide. Who do I email to inquiry about this?

Just take a step down to the beach for a nice couples photo.

Our entrées where needless to say drool worthy. From left to right, chicken kabob with a side of chips and greek salad, our bread basket (which of coarse is our second serving), slow cooked lamb with goat cheese and a side of wild rice and finally Moussaka layers of eggplant and spiced meat topped with creamy béchamel sauce and cheese. OPA!

We finished off our meal with delicate pieces of baklava and traditional Greek shots of Ouzo. Was the Ouzo good? Well clearly these pictures are worth 1000 words.

Dear mom upon my arrival back in the homeland I will certainly not be eating anything besides Saganaki (Greek for pan-seared Greek cheese). Thanks!

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  1. looks amazing, i want to go to greece so bad!

    xx danielle //