Greece is Turning out to be a Not so Relaxing Vacation

by - January 08, 2015

As Contiki came to an end in Amsterdam, only half of us were left to make the trek back to London (which is, 12 hours & 4 countries). Although we finally scored our own seats the day seemed to drag on in depression. Our little Contiki drinking family was no more. Kaput. The smell of stale alcohol that circulated throughout the bus could no longer be smelt. It was truly a sad day as we all said our goodbyes.

Sad indeed, but it was only a matter of time (2 days to be exact) until we were cheersing at the Midland airport about to embark on our honeymoon in Greece!! 

And then we found donuts the size of our face!

And then drinks bigger than our heads! Greece (which we thought would be relaxing) was turning out to be way more cray cray than we imagined.

The alcohol kept flowing and flowing and flowing, and as the day progressed so did the drink decorations. These were just seriously absurd, but so much fun.

It did not stop at the beach, we were going to Malia that night if one of us had to pull the other in a wheel barrel.

Greece we love you and your gyros!

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