Livin La Vida Greece-a

by - January 15, 2015

Is there a better feeling than waking up and realizing your still in Greece and about to indulge in another Greek salad for breakfast? No. No there is not.

We took up house in the east end of Crete in the little city of Stalis (Crete being the largest and most populous of the Greek islands) and as we drove 700m/h to our villa the roads where lit up by the security lights of fur stores. 

Just for your information, I recommend against getting typical Greek salads while in Greece, only because you will never, and I mean never, be able to eat another one unless you don't mind paying for a plane ticket back to the islands. The food is to die for, it haunts my dreams.

And I mean breakfast on the beach, common. 

And well we just couldn't stay away from the drinks. Back to Mike's we went! and let me tell you this father of 5 loved to feed our thirst.

Another fabulous day in paradise. The beach under my feet, the sun on my face and my best friends, what more could a girl ask for? We sipped our decorative drinks and floated around the Mediterranean Sea on our tacky air mattress waiting for the sun to set and continued the party into the night in trusty old Malia.

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  1. oh my lord the colour of that sea!! it looks amazing! also greek salad is literally my favourite thing so i am so jealous right now! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. If only I could enjoy salad this much at home!

  3. I have such intense jealousy right now! I'm back in NY to visit and it is friiiiigid. And I've never been to Greece, though it's totally on my list. Looks like you're having fun!

    Sara //

  4. Definitly keep it on your list! I can't get enough and we only went to 1 of the islands