Somewhere in Holland With Cheese, Clogs, Windmills. We Must be in Holland.

by - December 09, 2014

Well we just arrived in the Netherlands and I must say it has been quite wonderful already. And we haven't even reached Amsterdam. But before we take on the red-light district we had to pay a visit to Holland's windmills, cheese, clogs and of coarse the sheep, duh.

This was just the cutest little cheese shop I have ever been in and we all know how close cheese is to my heart. I only wish I had the opportunity to take some home to my family. But you try resisting the temptation as the cheese looks you in the eye every time you open up your suitcase.

Today was the wrong day for our maxi skirts! Note to self: maxi skirts and bikes entail unavoidable struggles.

 Being here definitely makes me wish I had done the exchange program while in university *long sigh*

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