Voulez Vous Coucher Paris

by - October 24, 2014

Let's just say climbing the 300 steps of Sacré Coeur in heels was enough exercise to last the entire trip. Definitely worth it, look at that view!

What I would like to know is who wrote this itinerary? Formal-attire, three-course-Parisian-meal... but first 300 steps. But I would do almost anything when there's unlimited wine at the end of the tunnel.

Even better than unlimited Parisian Pinot Noir was the escargot. I could not. get. enough.

After one of the most exquisite dinners of my existence, complete with french onion soup, orange duck and creme brûlée, we strolled the streets to the famous Moulin Rouge. Then it was onto our Cabaret Show and yet again the unlimited Champagne surfaced as well as topless dancers. 

And then it was off to O'Sullivan's (O'Sully's) to drink the night away.

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