LAK Tented Camp: The Best Place to go Glamping in Vietnam

by - December 07, 2020

Growing up, camping was synonymous with summer. My mom in her minivan, driving me and my friends up the back roads of rural Canada. Me yelling “see you in a week” as we ran down to our cabins trying to get first-pick of our bunks. It was wooden cabins and crummy tents that consistently involved some degree of discomfort in exchange for outdoor wonder. A terrible sleep, freezing-cold midnight trips to the bathroom and that instilled fear of raccoons nibbling on your ears during the wee hours of the morning. But I loved it. Back then. 

Fast forward to today and camping doesn’t have the same appeal it once did. The thought of pitching my own tent in a Vietnamese forest sends shivers down my spine. I was craving that untouched nature, I wanted to watch the stars, but I also wanted a cozy bed to slip into at the end of the night. So a weekend glamping getaway with Asian Trails Vietnam and LAK Tented Camp was exactly what I had been looking for!

Glamping. The perfect combination of camping with a little bit of glam thrown in there. All the outdoor exposure of camping, but with an elevated level of comfort inside a beautiful luxury tent. LAK Tented Camp was exactly that. It was the perfect way to spend a weekend escaping the hustle and bustle of Saigon. Relaxing by the lake side in the Central Highland of Đắk Lắk, LAK Tented Camp is both a sustainable and picturesque glamp-site that will have you cozying up in Mother nature’s arms in no time. LAK Tented Camp is the absolute best spot to go glamping in Vietnam and I'm about to show you why!

Getting To LAK Tented Camp

A big thanks to Asian Trails Vietnam, who planned and organized our dreamy escape to beautiful Đắk Lắk, Vietnam. As one of Vietnam’s leading tour operators, Asian Trails Vietnam helps you create your dream vacation. Whether that’s relaxing by the beach, adventuring on a jungle trek, getting cozy on a family getaway or having an eco-friendly accommodation in the mountains, they’re always ready to help you curate that perfect holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Check them out at: to start planning your next holiday!

Only a 45 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City will land you in the city of Buôn Ma Thuột, a.k.a. the beautiful Central Highlands of Đắk Lắk Province. From the airport LAK Tented Camp is more than willing to help arrange a car, bringing you to Lắk Lake boat pier. The drive will take about an hour before you must take a 15 minute boat ride across the lake. It was a smooth and seamless transport to arrive at the beautiful LAK Tented Camp which made the stress of getting there nonexistent. 

Photo by: LAK Tented Camp

LAK Tented Camp's Dreamy Glamping Oasis

As soon as I stepped off the boat, I was in absolute awe. Stars, wildflowers, mountains, the smell of fresh air after it rained, this was exactly what I had been missing. Overlooking the picturesque Lắk Lake, LAK Tented Camp is a stunning little Đắk Lắk oasis full of rich culture and natural beauty. Stretching over 4.8ha, the property features 15 lake view tented lodges, 4 lakefront wooden bungalows and Y LAK Restaurant, a tastefully restored M’Nong long house with an indoor dining hall, stocked bar and multiple terraces stretching out over the lake. They also cultivate their own vegetable garden, which makes up more than half of the kitchen’s ingredients. And trust me you can taste the freshness in every bite!

In an effort to maintain sustainability, building LAK Tented Camp meant a goal of cultural integrity, preservation and environmental protection so that they could offer guests an eco-friendly, yet comfy stay in harmony with local architecture and ecology. This meant no forests, habitats or homes were destroyed to make way for their campsite. Incredible!

Our Very Own Glamper

Nestled in its green bower, our tented lodging was a dreamy escape that should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Without having to ‘rough it’ we still got those scenic views that come with the great outdoors. That means no bugs, no dirt, just plush beds, fresh coffee, soft pillows, clean towels, a real bathroom and of course air conditioning! It also helped that our glamper was completely picture-perfect. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay here?

In case you were curious: both your private bathroom and shower are separate little rooms right outside the front of your tent.

What To Do At LAK Tented Camp

Aside from soaking up Lắk Lake’s beauty from the comforts of your tent, LAK Tented Camp offers some unique tours that let you immerse yourself in the surrounding area and local communities. From visiting the local M’Nong villages, to a lush botanical walk leading you to a stunning waterfall, to bike rides, cooking classes and learning how local pottery is made, there is so much to experience and take in while visiting!

Visit The Local M’Nong Village

Visiting the M’Nong ethnic group in Vietnam’s Đắk Lắk province was an incredible way to get a deeper insight into the daily lives of the people that live in this more remote region of Vietnam. There are over 45 ethnic minority groups living in Đắk Lắk and each has been able to keep and maintain their own cultural characteristics. So, I was extremely excited to be invited into these very smiley, happy peoples' lives, even if only for a couple of hours.

We started our morning off taking a boat to the west shore of Lắk Lake, toward the M’Lieng Village. Once off the boat we hopped onto our bikes for a short stint around the village before stopping at a local potter to watch how the M’Nong traditionally make their pottery.  

No pottery wheels needed here y’all, instead the M’Nong typically rotate themselves around the clay! It was so captivating to watch. Our wonderful local guide also told us that the clay they used is carried all the way from the quarry to the village, where it’s then molded and sculpted into beautiful works of art. This is typically done by the women of the M’Nong in minutes! Once finished, it’s left in the sun to dry out before it’s then baked over an open fire for sealing. It really is an incredible process. And all I'm saying is that I definitley couldn’t make such amazing pottery, so I'm happy that I could buy one for myself instead.

After a short bike ride back through the village and local coffee plantations, we were invited to a typical M’Nong long house where the family grows and produces their own cacao plants. I don’t know about you but the cacao seed is far from what I imagined chocolate to be. They spoke to us all about the cacao plant and the processes for growing, letting us try raw cacao seeds and even offering us their fermented cacao drink which surprisingly turned out to be delicious!

Always welcoming and the smiliest people I know, the M’Nong have been able to keep their living traditions intact in Đắk Lắk, including their matriarchal society, long house architecture and communal life. Visiting the local village was such an experience and I’m forever grateful to the M’Nong people for letting me take a small glimpse into the beauty of their lives. 

Visit Bim Bip Waterfall

Take a spectacular hike through the beautiful botanical jungle and coffee plantations as you make your way up to the stunning Bim Bip waterfall. Once you arrive, slip into the chilly water while you wait for your guides to prepare a delicious BBQ lunch. 

Photo by: LAK Tented Camp

Have A Paddle On Lắk Lake 

There is nothing more breathtaking than kayaking out on the lake as the sun rises between the hills! Watch the fisherman paddle their boats with their feet and haul in their nets with the catch of the day or just sit back, relax and soak up the sun as you float along the lake.

Photo by: LAK Tented Camp

Meet The M’Nong Elephants

The M’Nong have lived with elephants for more than a thousand years and consider them to be valuable members of the village community. You can meet ‘Ma Tau’ the 31 year old female elephant who will walk in from the jungle to the feeding grounds to spend time with you. She is incredibly happy when you feed and chat to her!

Photo by: LAK Tented Camp

Watch The M’Nong Gong Performance

LAK Tented Camp invites the local M’Nong people to share their culture and traditions through various performances of song, gong, games and dance. This show truly takes you to the heart of the M’Nong people and was a lot of fun to watch and be a part of. 

Beginning with a welcoming ceremony, the women attending the show (a.k.a. me) are first to be invited to drink from the local Can wine which is made from fermented rice and a variety of herbs. The wine is left to ferment for six months before it's ready to enjoy. Sharing it with guests is considered an honor in many of Vietnam’s highland communities. Aside from the taste, it's something I will always remember.

The M’Nong are a very musical people with many of their songs paying respect to their different gods. We were treated to their harvesting, thanksgiving and fire performances, which were spectacular and made you feel the love that emanates out of the M’Nong people.

Y LAK Restaurant’s Tasty Dishes & Terrific Views

Food is an essential part of culture. And if you know me you know I dive head first into new dishes, fusion dining and drool-worthy local cuisine. The food at LAK Tented Camp’s Y LAK Restaurant was nothing short of amazing! Our weekend consisted of mainly a Vietnamese set menu, with tons of local specialties. There was also a daily breakfast buffet including both an omelette and soup station, bread bar, different cereals, various fruits and other delicious food options. Y LAK Restaurant blew my expectations of Vietnamese food out of the water and we always left happy, full and excited for our next meal.

At LAK Tented Camp their food is an essential part of their eco-resort concept, meaning it’s healthy, natural and local. With their own organic garden, they make it a point of using as many of their own vegetables as possible when cooking for guests. They also offer cooking classes where you can visit, learn, smell, touch and taste the herbs and vegetables with their chef! 

Checking-Out Of LAK Tented Camp

This was a no stressing, just glamping weekend getaway! LAK Tented Camp was the epitome of relaxing, with those real rural life experiences, but also the luxuries of excellent meals and soft down bedding. It's like staying at a beautiful all-inclusive resort with canvas walls. This one-of-a-kind property blends perfectly with the incredible Lắk Lake landscape and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a total holiday experience while relaxing in the great outdoors.

With a warm welcome from LAK Tented Camp’s staff, we were made to feel at home right off the bat. As we sipped away our delicious welcome drinks on Thursday evening, watching the clouds hang over the mountains, I knew 3 nights wouldn’t be long enough to soak up the beauty that’s offered here. No words can describe how incredibly excited we had been to arrive at LAK Tented Camp and how very sad we were to leave!

I could go on and on about how perfect our glamping weekend was, but truly it wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for the incredibly lovely staff at LAK Tented Camp. They were exceptionally accommodating, very helpful and made our stay that much better. Most of LAK Tented Camp’s staff are from the surrounding communities including the M’Nong ethnic group, which explains why they were all so wonderful to be around!

With Đắk Lắk only being a short flight from Ho Chi Minh City, we will definitely be back soon!

What You Need to Know!

Location: LAK Tented Camp, Yang Tao, Lắk District, Đắk Lắk Province

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