Tomatito Has A Fantastic New Brunch Menu: A Must Try For Brunch Lovers in Ho Chi Minh City!

by - March 05, 2020

Brunch is more than a meal in Saigon; it’s an integral part of life in Ho Chi Minh City. Can you imagine a weekend without it? No more mid-day beetroot lattes to accompany our eggs benny? How sad our Sunday morning Instagram feeds would be without photos of free-flowing sangria, piled high avocado toast and drool-worthy huevos rancheros to scroll through? I just can’t bring myself to think that way. In a city that loves brunch this much, it can be hard to figure out which hot spot you should be frequenting on your weekends. Lucky for you, I’m here to give you a kick in the right direction because Tomatito has completely revamped their brunch menu! We’re talking savoury Spanish omelets, creamy spinach goat cheese croquettes and tasty huevos rotos con chorizo. Yum! With endless options to choose from, Tomatito has crafted one of the best brunch menus in Ho Chi Minh City. Trust me, I’ve been nursing my food baby all afternoon. When it comes to culinary offerings, Tomatito has unleashed a rollercoaster of flavour your taste buds won’t want to get off of. Get ready, because I’m about to share the gastronomical excellence you'll be treated to!

First Things First: The Brunch Breakdown
Here’s your brunching breakdown to Tomatito’s new menu. Brunch includes 4 separate sections Para Picar (starter), Los Huevos (eggs), Los Fuertes (main) and Dulce Tentación (dessert). Each section is filled with dishes from the brunch gods. As you work your way through the menu you'll choose four dishes in total, one from each section. Oh, the decisions! Free-flow sangria and Te Te craft beer can be added on if you choose to start the fiesta early!

Para Picar: Starter Let’s get down to it! Scanning through the Para Picar it’s hard not to order the entire menu. Should I start with the Sopa de Guisantes con Jamon, a beautiful green pea soup mixed with mint, courgette and Iberian ham? Yes! Or maybe the Croquetas de Espinacas, 3 spinach infused goat cheese croquettes? Hmmm I do need those too! See what I mean...

Los Huevos: Eggs Eggs, a worldwide breakfast staple. Scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, over medium, over hard, there are infinite options when it comes to eggs and we’ve all been there done that. But, have you sunk your teeth into a piping hot skillet of crispy papas fritas topped with a colourful vegetable piperade, manchego shavings and finished with a perfect pair of sunny side up eggs? Or how about deliciously seasoned scrambled eggs entwined with savoury Spanish chorizo? As soon as the Huevos Manchegos and Huevos Rotos con Chorizo hit the table, I knew the brunch gods had descended upon us. It’s nearly impossible to resist such a divine combination of glorious elements. And with that being said we scraped our plates clean.

Los Fuertes: Main

More!? Still on cloud 9 (and wanting to stay there) it was time to dig into our mains! First up, Canelones. A Spanish classic of gorgeous braised beef and truffle cannelloni, garnished with sautéed mushrooms. Delicious, delectable and delightful all wrapped up and smothered in queso. Fantástico!

Next, Pata de Pulpo. Barbequed, tender grilled octopus accompanied by smoked potato puree, creamy aioli and crispy potatoes. Delicious and addictive, we’re talking juicy people!

Dulce Tentación: Dessert A life without dessert isn't a life I’m willing to live. That’s why I’m officially putting Tomatito’s Chocotrufta y Palomitas de Maíz at the top of everyone’s dessert bucket list. I'm not the only who has one of those, right?
Imagine a velvety dark chocolate brownie, caramelized truffle popcorn, fluffy mascarpone mousse and rich creamy ice cream all to yourself with absolutely no sharing necessary. Just close your eyes and let the drool flow.

Brunch Never Tasted Better! Tomatito’s refreshed brunch menu combined with their classic Spanish bites we all know and love, make this spot an absolute must on any foodie’s list when in Saigon. We all know the importance of starting your weekend off on the right foot and that means brunching to your best ability. They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. And whoever “they” are, they’re right. Nothing beats a quality brunch and Tomatito has aced their report card. You’ll be licking your fingers clean thanks to the Spanish flares and flavours that Tomatito has been cooking up. And although tomorrow might be Monday, as long as you’re at brunch, you’re still in weekend mode. So, grab your extra-large glass of sangria and sip away those Sunday scaries at Tomatito!

Stijn Gradussen: The Man Behind the Magic Meet Stijn Gradussen, a cavalier young chef from the Netherlands making waves with his borderless cuisine in the heart of Saigon! Formerly the chef at Tomatito Shanghai, a new opportunity was calling in Tomatito’s Ho Chi Minh City location. Fresh on the scene and loving life in Saigon, Stijn says Vietnamese culture, food and weather match him perfectly! He’s also no stranger to Saigon’s local street food culture. “Vietnamese street food is amazing and I’m always willing to eat and try anything!” he says, bún chả, phở, bánh xèo, being just a few of his favourites! Working alongside the Tomatito Saigon team has an incredible energy and vibe that makes it a fun place to work, Stijn tells me. He says it’s a complete combination of the team, the guests and also the products in Vietnam which are great to work with! I mean, aside from Tomatito's amazing interior, it's upbeat, trendy atmosphere always has its guests (myself included) coming back for more. What’s his favourite dish on the menu? “Anything under Montaditos on our menu. Surprising flavours in one or two bites!”

What You Need to Know! Location: Tomatito Sexy Tapas Bar, 171 Calmette, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam Brunching Times: Saturdays & Sundays from 11:00am Find Them: at or on Facebook and Instagram @TomatitoSaigon If you have any questions you can also find me on Instagram at @AlyshiaTurchyn! Don’t be afraid to reach out, there's nothing more I'd love than to help you plan your next Tomatito experience!

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