Tomatito Sexy Tapas Bar: The Best Spanish Food in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

by - June 12, 2019

It’s true what they say, that the best things come in tiny packages! Well, at least as far as tapas goes, that is. If you’re anything like me and enjoy crafted-to-perfection tiny parcels, which are perfectly positioned AND also edible, then Tomatito’s Sexy Tapas Bar is about to haul your taste buds to the buzzing bars of Barcelona! Think, bite size portions with explosive flavours, accompanied by a large glass of Sangria. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Ho Chi Minh City anymore. 

We can all agree that tapas allows the indecisive to thrive. And some of the best Spanish food in Ho Chi Minh City can be found right in its very core. Downtown district 1 is home to the sexiest tapas bar in the city, Tomatito, where the rustic style of Spanish flavours and festive presentations stay true to an authentic tapas experience!

If there was one place I could unapologetically order the entire menu, Tomatito has my heart. Luckily for you, I am here to offer up some of my absolute favourite dishes! 

Salmón TNT 

This tasty smoked salmon parcel is stacked on top of a honey explosive just waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Pop this little guy in your mouth and let the fireworks go off because the flavours will make your eyes roll back! This is a must try!

Pulpo a la Tomatito

Next up was the char-grilled octopus piled on top of delicately cooked Iberian ham and a heavenly confit potato. Smothered in paprika oil, this little skewer is an experience you will never forget!

El Nido

People may like chorizo, but everyone loves Iberian chorizo escorted by a quail egg baked in a miniature bun, right? What's not to love? And served in a miniature nest? That was game over for me!

Ensalada con Brie

Tossed leaves in truffle honey dressing and sprinkled with warm brie, this is how you revitalize a salad! Did I mention the brie comes fried with warm walnuts inside? Now I understand why people enjoy salads.

Entraña de Angus con Guisantes

There’s nothing like mouthwatering, juicy steak to wet the appetite! From their sexy BBQ comes a succulent Australian Angus flap steak over a bed of roasted vegetables and pea puree! There is no doubt I could have easily licked this plate clean, but I do have some manners...

Paella de Mariscos

It's difficult, if not impossible, to find a good paella in Ho Chi Minh City. So, for all of you who love Spanish cuisine (and let's face it, who wouldn’t) just close your eyes and picture a scorching cast iron dish simmering together chicken, seafood, rice, vegetables, saffron and much, much more. If you haven’t experimented with different paella’s, I think I had you at simmer.

Paella is usually referred to as Spain’s national dish, however, it is a dish that has been authentically created here in Ho Chi Minh City by Tomatito! Be sure to choose wisely as they offer up five different amazing paella fusions! From their Catalonian Black Paella mixed with cuttlefish and squid to their most famous Mixed Seafood Dry Paella, every option is muyyyyyy bien!

Crema de Limón

Finally, for dessert we dug our spoons into the sexy lemon cream, piled high with basil-lime sorbet and berries. If there was ever a time I wish I weren’t sharing a dessert, it would be now!

Spanish Flair & Live Music

Diversity breeds happiness! And in a city, which lives and breathes its food scene, trying something new is the best way to expose yourself to the diverse food culture that is Saigon!

Stepping into Tomatito took me right back to Barcelona’s weaving cobble stone streets. Eating ice cream and enjoying that European sun. The pitchers of ruby red Sangria, the perfectly hung patio lights and the eccentric décor, not to mention the cutest red polka dot scooter put you on the coast of the Mediterranean instantly! With live music every Friday and Saturday night you don’t need to jump on a plane to feel like you’re in Spain. Olé!

Essential Information

How To Get There: Located above Maison Marou on the second floor, you will find Tomatito’s outdoor stairway to the right of EC Farm Café!
Find Them: at or on Facebook and Instagram
Menu: Take a look at their Sexy Food Menu, their Express Lunch Menu and of course their Drink Menu!

If you have any questions you can also find me on Instagram at @AlyshiaTurchyn! Definitely reach out, there's nothing more I'd love than to help you plan your next meal at Tomatito!

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