How to Get to Iceland's Oldest Pool Seljavallalaug

by - December 10, 2017

How the hell do you get there? And yeah it's not on the map. We were definitely not in Kansas anymore, definitely not close to any signal and definitely lost. 
With a lot of guessing and wandering we finally made it to the oldest (still standing) pool in Iceland! Seljavallalaug  is one of Iceland’s best kept secrets, built in 1923. It's filled with hot spring water that trickles down from Eyjafjallajökull so you can take a dip all year round! 
Fast forward to dinner that night with our Icelandic family, who told us that back in their hayday they'd head down to Seljavallalaug to crack a few beers and flirt with the boys. Highschool hangouts in Iceland sound like fun, I used to go to the mall's foodcourt if I wanted to flirt with a boy.

Anyway, here is the right way to get to Seljavallalaug:
  1. 1. From Reykjavík drive the Ring Road (Route No.1) 
  2. 2. Turn left onto Road 242 marked Raufarfell
  3. 3. Drive until you see a sign for Seljavellir Road, keep driving down  Seljavellir Road until you see a newish looking pool
  4. 4. Park at this pool! This is the "car park"
  5. 5. From the car park you walk for 15-20 minutes towards the bottom of the valley, you'll cross a stream and climb down a few levels of hill
  6. 6. The pool is behind a corner. I repeat, the pool is behind a corner, so you won't see it until you're there
  7. 7. Most Important: If you think you’re going the wrong way you aren’t keep walking!

Did you find it?!

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