New York City 4 Day Itinerary

by - April 25, 2017

It’s a weekend in New York City and we couldn't be more revved up for the shopping, tasty treats, and unlimited sightseeing until our feet turn numb. So, where to start? We only have 4 days to see it all!

Day 1: Bridges, Ferries & Beers

Day 1 began with a bang! I'd been waiting so long to roam the streets of New York, I just had to get out there ASAP Rocky.

  1. 1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. 2. DUMBO & Brooklyn for lunch 
  3. 3. Staten Island Ferry
  4. 4. 9/11 Memorial & The Occulus
  5. 5. Fancy Nightcap and Fancier Food @ Tiny's 

We started the day by booking it to the Brooklyn Bridge. Beating the crowds is the key to catching those stellar shots, so we hopped on the metro to the City Hall 4 5 6 stop and started our walk over the iconic NYC landmark. A word of advice, the bike lane is for bikes and bikes only. Pedestrians do not mess with New York bikers and their bike lanes. Stay. In. Your. Lane.
Once you cross the bridge you'll find yourself in New York's DUMBO neighbourhood. Which is arguably my favourite neighbourhood. It's my Plateau to Montreal, where all the hipsters and cool kids hangout, walking up and down Front Street, heading into thrifty boutiques. It's also where you can take those epic shots of the Manhattan Bridge. Definitely spend the afternoon there.
Looking for #noregret food options in DUMBO & Brooklyn? Be sure to check out:
  1. One Girl Cookies Cafe
  2. Almondine Cafe
  3. Shake Shack for some of the best grub and burgers
  4. Juliana’s for that typical slice of NYC pizza
  5. Atrium for some French cuisine
  6. Sisters for some American brunch or dinner
After sone boutique shopping we headed back over the Brooklyn Bridge to the Staten Island Ferry St. George Terminal 1 on Bay St. The ferry is a great way to see New York, the Statue of Liberty and the surrounding area all in one go. Plus it's free! All you have to do is get on the boat, take it to Staten Island, get off the boat and then get back on the boat to take you back to New York.  
To end the day off we visited the 911 memorial and wandered around the Oculus before heading to dinner at Tiny's and the Bar Upstairs for some delicious new American flare and lavish cocktails. Multiple Cocktails.

Day 2: Channeling Our Inner Gossip Girl

Have you been to New York if you haven't walked Central Park in its entirety? 
  1. 1. Central Park
  2. 2. Infamous Frozen Hot Chocolate @ Serendipity 3
  3. 3. The Upper East Side
  4. 4. The MET

If I did it in heels then there's really no excuse for you. And although I may have taken a break or two ... or seven, we hit all the highlights in good time (ie. the Plaza Hotel, Bethesda Fountain, The Mall and the Gapstow Bridge). I always thought Central Park was overrated, but every corner has it's charm and it's kind of serene to think that the hustle and bustle of the city lies just outside this green bubble.
You know what they say ... long walks in the park call for frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. You haven't been to New York if you haven't been here for frozen hot chocolate and you might as well get their foot long chili dog as well (You can make a reservation prior to going, which could save a lot of time as it is a pretty busy place!).
Stuffed and in the midst of brain freezes we waddled our way back to The MET, where we hungout on the steps and scanned the crowds for Chuck Bass. No where in sight, we sighed slightly and made our way inside to get our dose of art history. 
Walking is key to New York and it's also the best way to see the city. Bumping into the unexpected and not planning every second of your day is part of the fun and that's what we love most. For example: sunsets and cappuccinos at the Heavenly Rest Stop. It was heavenly, that's for sure. Bless these cappuccinos.  

Day 3: Views on Views on Food

Wake up! Time to get this show on the road and head to Jack's Wife Freda at 224 Lafayette in SoHo to get your hands on some of New York's lively all-day bistro! 

  1. 1. A  Must for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch @ Jack's Wife Freda
  2. 2. Shopping in SoHo
  3. 3. Times Square
  4. 4. Top of the Rock
  5. 5. Perfect Pizza Pairings @ Juliana's 

Mmmm, the American-Mediterranean cooking and the classic cocktails in understated digs are my thing. There is just no other way to start the day.

New York is the place to shop until you drop. Not shopping, is like, not a thing. Is it possible? Has it even been attempted? SoHo is the place to head, its shopping grid runs from Broadway West to Sixth Avenue, and Houston Street south to Canal Street. And if you're looking for those un-touristy boutiques try heading down Elizabeth St. to see what you can find in Nolita's nook.
Definitely take your go at Instagraming the cobblestone streets of Soho. Try out Prince, Howard and Mercer for those #ootd pictures.
Side note: Magnolia Bakery for Banana pudding, ya'll thank me later.

Now, everyone shoots straight for the top of the Empire State Building, but what is the NYC skyline without the Empire State building? That's why we opted for Top of the Rock instead, which was a much better option in my opinion (also, be sure to book your tickets in advance so you can be there for golden hour and take full advantage).
Next, we skipped over to Times Square, which is way more epic in the evening when everything becomes neon and the lights are in full throttle. That's why we saved it for last before heading out to Brooklyn for the famous Juliana's pizzeria. 

Day 4: Our Last Bites

  1. 1. Pink Brunches @Pietro Nolita
  2. 2. Greenwich Village
  3. 3. Veganing Out @ By Chloe
  4. 4. Perry Street's Sex and the City House

Do you like pink everything? Me too. So obviously we brunched hard at Pietro Nolita. If Barbie owned a restaurant it wouldn't compare to this. The napkin says it all.
For our last day we wandered around Greenwich Village's cute little boutiques, walked up and down Bleaker Street, checked out Washington square park and slowly headed to Perry Street to of course see Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in the flesh. Although, the illusion was ruined when Not-Carrie-Bradshaw walked out the front door of their apartment and chuckled at the 60 women surrounding it.
Before heading home we made sure to stop for guac burgers and coconut drinks at by Chloe. I can't even vegan to tell you how amazing this place is. I will surely miss you Chloe.

What should I do when I go back?

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