Rad Resorts: Pestana Cayo Coco

by - March 14, 2017

Going to the beach is the answer for everything. The salty, wavy hair. The bikinis and board shorts. The sound of cheap flip-flops hitting the sand, rainbow-colored beach towels being shaken out and seagulls squawking overhead waiting for those leftover pizza crusts. That's paradise.

This time around we stayed 2 weeks at the Pestana Cayo Coco All-Inclusive Beach Resort. First things first upon landing in Cayo Coco, grab a cold one for the bus to the resort, even if it was only 20 minutes. But, there's really no better way to kick off a trip. Once we arrived to the hotel we were greeted with smiles, wristbands and most importantly, drinks. After showing us to our room we dumped our suitcases, ripped through them, found a bikini and hit the road for the beach.

The Beach
The beach is all kinds of gorgeous. It's crystal clear, calm and because they've recently reclaimed it, there are no rocks or coral to poke at your feet as you roll out into the deep. The beach bar is steps away and there are plenty of loungers to go around. If you want a sun lounger or 10 there is a guy that will get them and put them wherever your heart desires. You don't have to tip, but it goes a long way and we always gave him a few CUC Pesos.

Tip: Take a banana and some bread, break it up in the ocean and watch the fishies come!

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The Pool
The pool area was also great especially after lunch, when the swim up bar becomes more lively. And on their Cuban day (which happens once a week) they pass out traditional Cuban soup and even have a churro machine (uhm hell yeah!).
The Resort
The hotel itself was superb, very updated and modern in comparison to others in Cuba.
The Food
The food was also pretty decent and although the A La Carte's got a lot of hate, we loved them! Portugese was our favourite, followed by the Cuban restaurant and then Italian.
The Nightlife
As for nightlife their is no "downtown" in Cayo Coco as no one lives directly on the island and although there is no disco at the Pestana, you can hop on over to the Dreams Flamingo Resort next door to get your groove on. The only down fall is that they charge cover, but there is ladies night on Fridays and Sundays are free for everyone.

All in all it was another successful vacation and I would no doubt book another 2 weeks here!

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