Rad Resorts: Hangin' 10 at Holguin's Playa Costa Verde

by - February 14, 2017

It was starting. The beach withdrawal. I mean, I'd started to wear my bathing suit under my clothes in the off chance that Lake Ontario became an appealing place to go for a dip,  I cuddled my SPF 30 before bed and was finding myself googling the biography of Enrique Iglesias...

So. Time to go.

We jet off for a week to the Playa Costa Verde beach resort in Holguin, Cuba. For a last minute getaway we couldn't have asked for more. The hotel was lovely, the people were lovely, the drinks were over flowing and the pool was insanely huge. The food was also extremely delicious. Don't miss the chance to book the Cuban and Japanese A La Cartes restaurants. And take a break from the sun in the Cuban restaurant for lunch. They really have an array of food to choose from, so even the pickiest of eaters will find something they can munch on. Speaking of food, because it's my favourite topic, there is also an ice cream bar, a beer garden and a cigar lounge. Now, don't even think of going into the cigar lounge without a Spanish coffee, it just goes hand in hand. Really, the only negative comment I have to make about our trip is that we only booked for 7 nights.

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