Olá Portugal! Tavira The Hidden Gem of the Algarve

by - November 04, 2016

Next up? East toward Tavira! We made sure to get our butts up and out of our hostel extra early today, so we would have the whole day to nap along the 14km beach. Obviously. We hopped on a ferry from the town centre and were basking in the sun by 10:00am. Life is like a box of melted chocolates.

Arguably the Algarve's most charming town, set on either side of the meandering Rio Gilão, Tavira is the perfect place to wander. And wander we did through the ruins of the hilltop castle, across the old (not so Roman) Roman bridge and throughout the warren of cobblestone streets. Although Tavira is a little town, it's a burning hot little town, so fork over the 6 Euros and take the Hop On Hop Off train, which stops right in front of the castle, for all your renaissance needs.

With an enticing assortment of restaurants, it's a miracle that we didn't have to do any of the choosing. Our host pointed us to Restaurante Lagoas Bica and the rest is history (because I died and went to heaven with a food baby). There is a reason why people tell you to eat where the locals eat.

Snakes on a plane, selfies on a train?

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