Olá Portugal! Lisbon Where We Ate Our Way Around the City

by - August 23, 2016

If anybody needs us too bad because we're sitting cliff side, drinking Port wine for the next couple of weeks! We just touched down in Lisbon town and my heart is beating outrageously (comparative to that of the Blue Man Group banging on a bunch of $10 garbage cans). I'm excited. Are you excited for me? Ronaldo where are you?

Amongst checking out all the touristy destinations we soaked up everything this costal city had to offer, including its cafe culture, soulful Fado music and about every pastry we laid eyes on. Clearly I'm hear, in the land of food and men, to indulge, so here are some of my favourite spots:

For Iced Coffee: I know, iced coffee, how basic. But in the middle of the Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara there's a small outdoor cafe where they take the basic out of iced coffee. You will not be disappointed with this mint leave, lemon and coffee concoction! 

For Tapas: When you don't want to share the tapas you know it's worth it. Chimera is definitely a place to cozy into for the evening and enjoy their 3, 5 or 7 course petite plates. We'd eat the whole menu if we could. Man I'd eat my order of the mushroom pastry with pear, tomato and Serra cheese for the rest of my life.

For A Traditional Dinner: Eat where the locals do they said and so we did. And we fully indulged at Rodas Resturante, now this is the best meal I've ever had! If you do a little scrolling through my photos you'll see the chalice of shrimp, which I continually drool over. On top of that (not literally) we ordered clams and grilled chicken, bread with all the spreads and of course endless amounts of house wine. Although this may have been our biggest and bestest meal in Lisbon it was insanely inexpensive.

For A Place to Chill: Waiting for our check-in time we stumbled across Pois Cafe mostly becasue we needed a place to take turns napping for 5 minutes, have a snack and a beer and also use wifi to make contact with the real world, oh and update our Instagrams. The perfect spot and supper trendy, hipster and all that, that goodness entails.

This is the iced coffee people! Look. Memorize. Order.

I would be more than thrilled to answer any questions (and I mean any questions at all) that you're curious about! So hit me up!

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