Rad Resorts: Another Cuba Libre Por Favor at the Melia Sol Cayo Largo

by - July 16, 2016

It's Canada. It's July. And it's 20 degrees. Meaning it's not hot enough to classify as summer in the city. So, my mom and I threw my bikini in a backpack and hopped on Cubana flight #194.

Bye bye Toronto and Hola Cayo Largo.

Paradise Island we are here! Like spinning the globe and traveling to the lucky country your finger landed on, I scrolled RedTag and iTravel2000, closed my eyes, pointed and voila! The Melia Sol Cayo Largo is where we were destined for.

And sure enough when I showed up my blue beach chair was more than excited to have me back. We both needed to give reality the slip and this just so happened to be the perfect little place (mind you, it wasn't a very little all-inclusive at all). Here the sun lingered longer, every way led to the beach and the cocktails tasted just a little more intoxicating. Fabulous!

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Suns out, bums out (among other things).

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