Hola Mexico! Can We Taco Bout Puerto Vallarta

by - April 25, 2016

If someone is handing out invitations to Puerto Vallarta, are you really going to decline the offer? If someone is handing out invitations to stay at a four story mansion in Puerto Vallarta, declining would be just down right rude. So here we are, mansion, margarita, pool, guacamole, ocean, repeat. And every night in our very own private fantasy suite, I lay my head upon a beaded Mexican throw pillow and whisper to Amanda, "how did we get invited here?"

They film Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico for a reason people.

Aside from taking siestas in our own Buckingham Palace we wandered about Puerto Vallarata. Meandering  through the gorgeous Conchas Chinas and stoping in the village of Sayulita. Nothing beats the Mexican heat!


Dogs are my favourite part of any vacation.

After this quick getaway I think I could, somehow, manage living in a private villa with 20 strangers. Does anyone know if Bachelor in Paradise is still taking applicants?

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