Hello Britain! A Field in England for Electric Daisy Carnival

by - January 30, 2015

Back to England, but not back to reality ... yet. Let's rewind a little here, 15 days on tour with our new found Contiki family, followed by 10 days in the blessed land of Greece, a plane ride, a bus, and a chit chat with the cabbie later and we are in the middle of British nowhere. About to embark on Electric Daisy Carnival. As you will see from our lovely makeshift home we are surrounded by trees and thus the only information I can give to you is that we are still in England, somewhere. The good news is that Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris and Avicii are here too. 

This would also be the last time we trusted Emma's estimations. The single tent we brought just about fit my thigh. 

Awaiting Aoki's presence.

The hills have eyes?

About to cake!!

That was fun. And to think I lost all the French baguettes, Italian spaghetti, German beer and Grecian gyros in one dance crazed rave day.

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