North Toward Dachau & St. Goar Germany

by - December 05, 2014

Today we headed North to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. The first camp opened in Germany and also the longest to remain open. Spanning nearly the full 12 years of the regime it was not until 1945 that the camp was finally liberated. Although a gorgeous day the air definitely felt heavy as we walked the path of many before us.

A miniture model of the entire camp, including its smaller satellite camps.

After our visit to Dachau, we headed to the little quaint city of St. Goar to check out the world's largest free-hanging cuckoo clock and watched how beer steins were made. Pretty cool stuff.

Instead of buying a cuckoo clock we opted for Jager shots.

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  1. It's so weird -- I went to Dachau on my Europe trip and it was so eerie. It definitely does leave you with a heavy feeling, that's for you.

    Sara //

  2. Seriously eh! There's nothing quite like it