Ciao Italy! Florence for Pizza... Pizza Everywhere

by - November 14, 2014

All I can say is that we left France in the nick of time, those French baguettes really do a number to your jaw. Anyway we made it to Florence! Although it was my second time to Italy, the touristy stuff never goes out of style. What does get old is trying to navigate your free time with a paper map. Yes a paper map ... actually holding your hands up in the middle of the street trying to remember your left from your right really makes you question your educational upbringing.

I think we spent the majority of our time lost in the tiny winding streets, but what better place to get lost then in Italy?

Here is a perfect example of why asking strangers to take pictures for you is always a leap of faith. Hence the blue-green filter they managed to incorporate. It's vintage?

Oh David, you slay me.

It may have been the end of the baguettes but only the beginning of pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One of our friends, on our way to Florence, exclaimed how excited he was to finally get a delicious crepe. We watched him makeout with a fake crepe for a good five minutes before we told buddy that we were in Italy and he missed his chance about 5 miles ago.

Who has time for crust anyway?

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