Ciao Italy! Rome, So Do as the Romans do, or Just Eat the Equivalent of a Roman

by - November 26, 2014

Ciao bella! I'm in Italy's capital, Roma! What a beautiful city, from pizza to cannelloni (do I sound Italian yet?) I can't stuff my face enough. One of the oldest cities in Europe, from the history to the food to the multiple scantily clad statues of The David, Rome is a must see!

We stopped at the "Wedding Cake" (can we just talk about these photographer skills? I mean hello engagement photo of a random Italian couple. Could this photo pass as me and my boyfriend? Jealous of my own photo skills, is this a photographer paradox?) and onto the Vatican, but not before showing our Contiki coach some drunken love. 

We had just missed the Pope! All due to taking the grand tour of his house.The Vatican is a big place which means a lot of walking which means paninis!

Have you ever wondered what a Roman escalator looks like?

Ahhh at last The Colosseum. I was in full on Lizzie-McGuire-Movie mode, this is what dreams are made of, am I right.

I can't get back soon enough.

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